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Our Story

We’d like to take a moment and share our story. Approximately ten years (no pun intended), a group of us decided that it might be better to take on local archaeological projects. Our group has always been interested in the subject and felt like the professionals weren’t doing a great job.

It’s not that they are talented or don’t have the resources, it’s that they have too much land mass to cover. Instead of having a small number of experts trying to cover the entire globe, our method is to have as many enthusiasts cover their local towns.

In other words, let’s get each community to take on projects. You’d be surprised with the results. The attention to detail led our group to make an incredible discovery in the United Kingdom.

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Want To Get In Touch?

If you’re passionate about archaeology and have friends that share that feeling, get them together in your local town. Share your results on your personal blog. If you’d like us to feature your discovery, please reach out using our contact form.

Have fun and keep up the great work on a local level. Also, check out our blog to stay up to date!

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